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At Daisy Brand, our mission is to make the highest-quality and healthiest cottage cheese on the planet. With 14 grams of protein and only 90 calories per serving, Daisy Low Fat Cottage Cheese pairs perfectly with the healthy foods you already recommend. Plus, it has only 4 ingredients, with no preservatives, thickeners or added growth hormones. Explore DaisyBrandHealth.com to learn more about our cottage cheese, discover delicious pairings and recipes or join our RD community.

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Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese

The pairing below is just one suggestion of how Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese can be used as a delicious way to increase fiber intake, heighten fruit and vegetable consumption or add antioxidants and other key nutrients to achieve a healthy balanced diet.

Raspberries & Muesli
This delicious pairing is bursting with health-boosting, disease-fighting nutrients. 
Is All Weight Loss Created Equal?
Learn more about a recent Journal of Nutrition article that discusses how protein and dairy consumption during weight loss affects body composition. 
Health Network member Chris Mohr, PhD, RD discusses the importance of protein timing quality and quantity.

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